Everyone, Now that we are home, Dana and I wanted to write a note to express our overflowing appreciation we feel toward everyone who has been faithful during our recent battle with Leukemia. Words can't begin to mirror the gratitude we've felt over the last 36 days. Each of you has given of yourself to our struggle. We have been humbled by your love and incredible generosity.

Your thoughts and prayers has truly been the binding agent that's sustained us during this time. Though this battle is far from over, we beg you to keep praying for the welfare of our little girl. To date her treatment has thrown us a few curves, but let me encourage you that God is listening to your prayers! Dana and I know whatever the outcome God has secured the future of our family.

Your support has allowed us to face this reality not as two but as many -- for that we are exceedingly indebted. In the midst of this event know God is working. He has allowed us to share some of the darkest hours with a few other parents.

We're reminded that, believer or not, God has breathed life into some incredible people. Though this reality is not a desirable place to be, there is some great work to be done. And though it might sound odd we're thankful God has seen us fit to wrestle through this terrible disease.

From the bottom of our hearts we sincerely thank you for all of you're continued prayer and support. The strength we've seen exhibited through your love and prayer has truly allowed us to see daylight from the depths.

We love you all so very much!


That is awesome news, and welcome home! Our prayers will continue for you!

Oh, it's making me cry a little bit. I'm so overjoyed that you're home. It must be such a blessing. We are still praying for you.

Welcome home!Our family and friends are praying for you all daily.

Ditto what Sarah said - I have tears in my eyes. Thank you Dom for your very real and transparent words. We are praying for Natalie and for your family and that God will continue to bring steps towards a healthier future for Natalie.

I'm so glad that you guys are HOME! Know that we are still praying for you.

-M.A. & Andy

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