Hi Everyone,

As you can guess, we get little time to get on the computers here. I'm (Dana) finally getting a chance to look at the blog again and I have been back-tracking reading through the days. I can't beleive how far we have come and still to go. As I've been reading the comments I am moved to tears. We are so encouraged by the ammount of love and concern that our friends have for us.

Thank you!

People we don't even know are contacting us. God's family is so HUGE! It expands past names and faces, it is a relationship of the heart and of the spirit.

Looking forward to eternity with all of you! -Dana Orlando

Last night was extremely difficult for Natalie and the Orlandos.
Natalie cried all but one hour yesterday. Here is what is going on.

Natalie has had a bowel obstruction and this has prevented her from eating for the last three days. The doctors put her on an intravenous food diet so she is getting the nutrients she needs, but this doesn't subside her hunger. So we have a hungry little girl!

To compound the issue, Natalie is receiving steroids as part of the chemo. The side effect of steroids is an insatiable hunger. We have therefore a VERY hungry little girl.

According to Dom, the obstruction is clear now, but there is air perforating the wall of her bowel and this can be dangerous if the air moves to her chest. So they are still preventing her from eating normally. Please pray that the air doesn't move up.
The chemo is lowering Natalie's white blood cell count. White blood cells help with healing and are needed to address the issue of her bowel obstruction/perforation.

This is going to be a big week for Natalie and the Orlandos:

On Monday (Day 15) they are going to be doing another lumbar puncture to check for leukemia cells in Natalie's spinal fluid. This test is determining the progress of the treatment. If there are no leukemia cells that is good, if they are present that means more treatment and potentially moving Natalie to a higher risk category.

More importantly, the doctors are going to run more tests on Day 29 (OCT 1). This will be the most important test she has and will be the determining factor on her progress. We are hoping she will be in a 5 year survival rate (90%) referred to by Dom as "rapid responder" If by Day 29, Natalie still has Leukemia cells in her spinal fluid, she will be most likely placed in the "high risk" category with a lower 5 year survival rate (84%)

Dom & Dana asked that we all pray fervently for DAY 29.

Pray for her white count to go up before Day 29
Pray for her bowel obstruction/perforation to heal (so she can eat)
Pray for her spinal fluid to be free from Leukemia cells by Day 29
Pray for Natalie's comfort.

Natalie Orlando

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