Sorry, we have not had as many updates lately. Things are slowing down to a regular pace now so news isn't as readily available. We will continue to update as new information comes in.

Here is the latest from Dana.

"We have been playing a little bit of a waiting game lately. Each time Natalie receives chemo, the treatment makes her blood counts go down (as it is suppose to) but then, we must wait for the counts to come back up for her next treatment. She was suppose to receive chemo this last Monday but her counts were low, so we moved it to Wednesday and still, low so now we will have her blood count done again Thursday to see if we can go in on Friday. We are told that this is common, but it's a bummer to see Natalie having to get her port accessed soooo often. She really does not like it.

We are finally receiving the carpet that we are replacing this Friday. It will be nice to get our surroundings back in some order and for Natalie and Nicole to be able to play freely on the floor with their toys.

Overall, Natalie is still happy and playful. Nicole is growing fast, soon I think she will pass up Dominick!"

Natalie Orlando

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