Thank you Everyone for your prayers!!! Praise our God for His many blessings!!!!!
We have all been praying for Natalie's platelet count to increase. Well, she has increased up to
85, which is awesome so far. Keep praying for it to continue. With this increase happening and her feeling so good, the doctor's feel that it was the medication that caused it to lower in the first place and that she is not in a relapse. PRAISE YOU JESUS !!!!!
She, Mommy, Daddy and Nicole went to spend the day with Auntie Stacie, Uncle Chris, Cousins, Christopher and Cailiegh. Natalie had a blast, playing with her cousins, which is so great that she is able to participate in the playing, instead of sitting on the side watching.
Thanks again for all the prayers and please keep them up and prayer for the family, to empower them with God's peace and strength.
Blessings to All

Natalie Orlando

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