Well, it has been a full year since Natalie's diagnosis. Last year at this time (on Dana's birthday) our lives were turned upside down with the news of cancer. I remember perched by her bed side crying a lot. In retrospect, I feel so thankful we've made it so far. We have 1 year and 4 months left of treatment then another 5 years of checkups to be considered healed from this terrible disease. But, there will never be a time as hard as those first 30 days (I pray).

This Labor Day we are heading up to celebrate our anniversary of our great battle, just north of Sacramento to a town called Berry Falls. Camp Okizu will be the site of where we we will get to reflect on this years journey. I can say that it's been the grace of God that has delivered our hearts this far. He is good and there is no end to His great love for all of us.

Looking back I can think of two lessons that have stood out to me. First, our lives are temporary here on earth and we should never grow tired to fighting against the less important things that try to dominate over our precious relationships. Second, and maybe most importantly, "God is good in even the hardest of times." -- Until next time...

Thanks for standing by our side,

The Orlando's

Natalie Orlando

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