In addition to the prayer team I asked some of my friends on face book to pray and they did. This morning we got up at 5ish am and headed over to Stanford Children's Hospital. All was going according to plan right up until the moment we were ready to go into surgery. All the papers were signed, tubes and monitors were hooked up and all the different surgical departments had consulted with me regarding what was going to happen over the next two hours.

So, right before we headed out the door, the primary surgeon popped in and met with me for a minute. She asked if we tried fixing the line with a special procedure I had never heard of - of course I said NO. This "Plan B" was less risky since it was a procedure not a surgery. It would attempt to fix the placement of the tube (that delivers chemo directly into Natalie's heart). She then said if this new "Plan B" doesn't work, we can get surgery later today. I said, "OK, good plan!"

The surgical team called over to the Stanford (Adult) side of the hospital (since this is where the procedure would be taking place). Wouldn't you know there was an immediate opening (Never happens). I gowned up with a smock, mask and surgical hat and helped calm Natalie down as Anastesia put her under once we got there. I said goodbye and waited outside. 10 minutes later they came out. This was odd considering the team just told me it would be an hour long procedure. The first words out of their mouth was "All's fixed!" They said, "we didn't have to do anything. The tube apparently flipped back into place all by itself as they were surprised when it showed up on the x-ray monitor." AND it's in perfect placement.

Later that day as we met with our Oncologist (who ordered the surgery), said she didn't know how it flipped out of place. The angles were pretty sharp and seemed really unlikely to have come out of place and back into alignment again. Though the Surgeons claimed the issue could have been caused by a simple coughing spell, I choose to think IT WAS SOMETHING ELSE. Thanks for praying everyone :)

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