Some may not know but we were away for a few days but now we're finally home. It's been a tough week with 3 hospital visits, one at Stanford for 2 days. All is good now. Our friends at Dominican and Stanford pulled together and figured out a plan of attack! I love those guys!

Quick Synopsis: Docs determined Natalie did (does as of this moment) have a bacterial blood infection. This is again what they avoid at all costs. Here's the good news on a couple fronts: ... Dominican found it on accident after they stopped observing her blood samples (6 days past our first blood test). Apparently, someone lab worker was just walking by and glanced over at Natalie's blood sample and noticed something odd. Upon looking closer, they spotted a type of strep bacteria. Finding it is half the battle but seeing how one can kill it is another issue. So docs determined it was not a very robust bacteria and sent us home with some by-mouth antibiotics. They said it should be out of her blood stream in no more than 12 days!

Though we missed our Sea World trip I am glad things worked out the way they did. We could not of imagined flying to San Diego only to be admitted the entire week. We'll have do do some serious schedule changes to get back on track but we are up for the challenge! Thanks for your prayers, I had some good "God-talks" with friends and staff while we were away. Everyone is so great up there, in some ways it's like another home!

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