Since we were a was a last minute fit-in, we were scheduled for the last slot on the last day of the week (Friday)! Because, there was a chance we could have claimed a cancellation slot, Natalie was not allowed to eat since midnight the night before (that didn't happen). Since she goes to bed early, her last meal was 8pm and we didn't get home till 8pm, so Natalie didn't eat any food for 24hrs!

I can say with confidence that, it was by prayer that Natalie did so well. She only lost it toward the last 15 minutes. I knew this would be the case, so that's why I emailed or called every person that I could. It was difficult, but it could have been so much worse. Dana and I know from experience. If you remember back when Nat was diagnosed, in the hospital she didn't eat or drink for 6 days! What's worse, they were providing IV nutrition, which gave her all the energy but felt all the effects of being starved the entire time. In case your wondering she cried for 6 days! We were not looking forward to that again, but this was hard but easy at the same time.

We have not heard much back yet from Radiology yet, but our Dr. preliminarily said noting looked out of the ordinary.

Again, we are thankful for all of your prayers. You are all fighters, thanks for not loosing heart!

Love the Orlando's

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Natalie Orlando

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