It's been such a long time! Things have been so busy. A few weeks back we were actually hospitalized for nearly 2.5 weeks. Natalie is doing great and we're looking forward to starting summer school when she is up to it.

The real reason I'm writing is... we're excited to announce we've put an offer in on a little house of our own. Actually a condo, much like the one in the video. We are asking for prayer because the temptation to commit too much financially. We figure there's never a good time to spend 1-billion dollars (not really but it feels like it).

God has done a steller job navigating our family so far, so we thought, why kick Him off the job now?. We feel there are so many variables, we are asking God to go before us because He really knows us best.

The house will need a lot of work (especially to make it ready and super clean for Natalie) but we are willing and eager. We love the location. It is so central to a ton of the things we love to do. And of course, it is not 100% perfect, but we hope God says YES! but if not we know He's got something better for us -- maybe something on wheels?


Natalie Orlando

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