From Dom:

We are exploring further tests to see if the Intestinal wall is due to (Teflitious) the splitting of the intestinal wall because of trapped air. Tonight we are scheduled for a CAT Scan to explore deeper. We need her to be very still and cannot fully sedate her because of the rush (a doctor (anesthesiologist ?) will not be present). If all is good they may allow her to eat tonight but if not her white blood cell counts are at zero and it will be a long time before we can feed her.

Natalie is crying almost every moment. It is becoming madning. Then we feel guilty that we are mad at our daughter who we are starving. It really is emotionally brutal.

If Natalie moves during the 20 min scan we may have to redo tomorrow, under full anesthesia

We will probably hear tomorrow on the results of her day 15 lumbar puncture (spinal). This will determine more accurately if she will be a mid level - early responder.


praying praying praying and will continue to do so. love you guys.
sarah s-d

I've been praying for you guys to have supernatural amounts of patience, because I'm sure it is completely maddening, even though you feel like it shouldn't be. There's something about constant crying/screaming that makes a person crazy. I'm praying against that for you. I'm praying that you can all come home soon, and that God would choose to show his glory to you each and every day. You are so dear to us.

Dear Dana & Dom: We prayed for you tonight, we have been praying everyday since you emailed me Dana. I hope Natalie's CAT scan went well tonight, and may God's grace be abundant upon all of you through this difficult time. Our hearts are hurting with you. We love you guys and even though there are many miles between us, please know we are so close to you in thought & prayer right now. Much Love,
Scott, Leann & Tyler too =)

Dear Dom and Dana:
We just heard about Natalie's situation yesterday. Please know that daily we'll be praying for God's powerful intervention on your behalf, and on behalf of your sweet little girl.
Love, Dan and Allison.

Wow...I am thankful for this blog so we can know what specific things to pray for. We pray for moments of unexplained peace for all four of you. Sometimes I don't even know what to pray, but I know the Lord IS in control and is right there with you. I'll just keep trusting that He's caring for you all. And I'm praying for healing to be soon.
We love you guys.
The Krafts

Dana & Don,
Leann just e-mailed me about your precious little Natalie's condition. I will be praying for all of you and will ask my Bible Study Group to do so also.
God Bless,
Barabara Harrenstein
Leann's Mother-in-law

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