Dom notified me this weekend that the doctors think Natalie may have contracted a bug of some sort in here GI tract.

This resulted in them being quarentined to an isolation room. Dom and Dana now have to where smocks and rubber gloves etc. If you have ever seen the TV show, House MD, you can imagine it.

Hopefully, Natalie will be ok and the tests will come back negative for any "bug."

If she has contracted a bug, they will be in isolation (to protect other patients) for awhile.

Please pray for them. It is just one thing after another. A real rollercoaster for the emotions.


Dang it. Stupid bug. I want you guys to come home. I'm praying that you'll be able to come home soon, and if not, that God will give you a chance to see why it's not time yet.

This truly is a rollercoaster for everyone's emotions! Thanks Rob for keeping us posted! Dom and Dana there are so many of us praying that God will protect precious Natalie and your family! God's grace, strength and healing be with you! We love you!
The Kille's

Prayers from Bend, Oregon. We were just told by Heather about Natalie and will definetly be remembering your family.
The Klanieckis

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Dom and Dana know that I am praying all the time for your family and for Natalie's complete
healing. Please rest in our God,
who is with you at each moment of success and sadness and frustration.
Know that my heart is with you all each moment during this time.
Jean Morrison


From Ali McNabb in China:

"we know a ton of people who are praying for natalie. please tell d&d that we are mobilizing this area of the globe. :) even asia loves to pr for her by name. hugs to all, a"

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