New info in today. I spoke with Dominick on the phone yesterday to clarify about Natalie's treatment. It turns out she has had her first round of treatments. There are several different drugs that they are giving Natalie, with the most intense being the chemo therapy, make you nauseated, potentially lose your hair kind. Nat will probably be getting that drug on weekends, and as I understand, on Saturdays. But we will see, things may change depending on Natalie's response to the therapy.

She responded pretty well to this first round. She didn't even throw up. That is certainly a praise.

As the treatment continues, please pray for little Natalie. Being poked and proded is no fun, and if you can imagine a 2 year old trying to understand the strange feelings certain drugs may bring on, then you know how disorienting it is for her.

All this leads to the next area of need. Dom said he found out today that Natalie's white cell count is low, so it looks like they will be in for at least 2 more weeks. Dom and Dana are both super tired and as you can imagine, there is strain on their relationship with all the stress.

  • Please pray for Dom and Dana to be united and to get time together.
  • Please pray for Nicole to continue sleeping well (as she has been.)
  • Please pray for Endurance for their families.
  • Please pray for Natalie to respond to the therapy well.
  • Please pray for continued financial help or consider helping since they will have to secure housing and daily food for another 2 weeks.
  • Please pray for Natalie's roomate. Another child going through therapy. That little one was throwing up all night last night. This keeps the Orlandos up all night with nurses, etc. coming in and turning on the lights and talking at normal levels.

I am going to add a donation link on this site soon for those of you who want to donate to Natalie's care. It will be serviced through PayPal and go directly to Natalie's bank account. More on that soon. In the meantime, you can contact Heather Hughes about financial donations.

Lastly, Please remember to post your comments, questions, or prayers to Dom and Dana. As they get time, they will get your messages of care and that is such a huge encouragement to them. And tell your friends about this site. The more people who know and pray the better.


You are constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

Dear Dominick and Dana,
Jeannette shared with us about Natalie. We lift you and your family up in our prayers. Today I will be taking this prayer request before the members of our church. Know that you and Natalie will continually be in the hearts and prayers of all of us.

Rick and Patty Kille

Hey guys,
I wanted to know that Brad and I are praying for you both, for the stresses on your relationship especially. I'm adding a link from my blog as well.
with love from
Colleen and Brad Franklin
(downstairs from Cheryl and DJ in Mount Hermon)

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