Just today a wonderful family who's affiliated with Jacobs Heart stopped buy to drop off some holiday gifts for us. It is such a nice feeling to know that others are thinking about you. Both Dana and I would like to send a special message of appreciation for everyone who's lent us your kindness this past season. Your kindness and goodness is a credit to you and your families.

This year we are thankful for many things. It is an added bonus knowing that there are still good people in the world -- and all of you reading this are among the finest we've met.

From our heart to yours we would like to extend to you our very best this holiday season.

With much love, The Orlando's

If you get a chance look into "Jacob's Heart" it is a great organization to get involved with. (http://jacobsheart.org/facts.php)


What a DARLING picture of three of the most beautiful, wonderful girls I know!

It was so nice to meet you all yesterday. It made our holiday season special to be able to do something nice for your family. I will continue to check your blog to see how wonderful Natalie is doing.

I agree, great picture! You guys are such a blessing! It's been so good to see you all this year and we will keep wishing/hoping/Praying for great things for you. Please say hi to the parents for us!
much love,
The Kille Family

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