Today's Update:

Dom and Dana had to leave their hotel. Unfortunately, there was a conference coming in and they needed the space and since Dom and Dana are going day to day on how long they are staying, they didn't have prearranged reservations. So they are literally driving around to find new accomodations as I type this. Fortunately, someone from their church found a place they can stay. I believe they will be checking into that motel tonight. Please pray for their upcoming nights and accomodations. Also, if you know about housing options for them, it looks like they will be up for a month or more now.

We are hoping to find something long term for them like a short term rental in the Palo Alto area. If you know of anything, please let me know.

Natalie is having a second bone marrow aspiration today. This is a common procedure for leukemia patients. The doctors make Natalie comfortable for the procedure, but afterward she is sore.

Natlie now has one doctor who will oversee her treatment. Dr. O'Brien is overseeing all the other aspects of her treatment, e.g., Endocrinology, Vascular team, Oncology. Please pray for Dr. O'Brien and for God to grant her wisdom.

Natalie is experiencing some discomfort in relation to a number of things. Here is the list:

  • The PIC line needs to be adjusted or replaced
  • High Blood Sugar (causing temperature fluxuations, discomfort and need for Insulin shots)
  • Insulin shots every 2 hours and pin pricks on fingers. This is very very difficult for a 2 year old
  • Her Stomach is distended and uncomfortable
  • Natalie is receiving hormone treatment as part of her Chemo Therapy, this is cause her alot of discomfort
  • Constipation due to pain meds

Natalie Orlando

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