With Natalie there has been a new development:
Her stomach pain seems to be attributed the slowing down of her intestinal wall movement from her chemo drugs. This slowing down has caused the processing of her food to take longer and have built up gasses (from the drugs too) that are having trouble moving through her bowels. Because of this semi-blockage, her risk of intestinal infection has raised so Natalie is now receiving new antibiotics to shield the possibility of any intestinal infection. The now difficult challenge is that Natalie has been placed on a limited diet. She has to refrain from eating or drinking for up to 2 days. In extreme conditions we can wet a sponge and moisten her lips. This is particularly difficult because the chemo steroids really make her exceedingly hungry. Please pray that this slowing down (blockage) clears quickly and her fasting is limited to a minimum).


This is also a good link from the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It is accurate and informative.

Natalie Orlando

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