Here is an update.

Natalie's tests have come back negative meaning that she doesn't have a bug. This is good news.

they are currently in a private room until the need arises for them to share or move to another room. There was a possibity that they could have gone home this week, but due to Natalie still having Diarrhea, they will wait till next week. They actually may get to go home on Monday!

Day 29 is Monday and when they will perform a final bone marrow (MRD) scan test. It will take a week to get results.

If she is below 5% she is early responder, if not then she is high risk. We are hoping for less than 1%.

They are also giving Natalie a port so she will have a surgical procedure on Monday as well.

But the best news is the potential for them to come home Monday or Tuesday.

Natalie Orlando

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