We are working hard to get the house really clean for Natalie. Since Natalie is susceptible to mold and mildew we are repainting and re-carpeting the house. We are also installing two HEPA filters to recycle the air. Doctors say all of our work is a great precautionary measure to keep emergency hospital visits to a minimum, however the true risk is the bacteria already present in Natalie's body.

Doctors say we all have bacteria in our bodies but we don't get sick because of our strong immune systems. It is somewhat of a counter intuitive thought but to kill the Leukemia we have to kill all types of cells one of which protects against sickness. So to work to cure her we need to compromise here immune defense...

Since the test results returned that Natalie is now in the higher risk group we are still asking everyone to pray that she handles the drugs. We are entering a whole new round of intense Chemo. Many of these new drugs cause nausea, fevers (requiring hospitalization) and other things like extreme need for rest. Dana and I thank you for your continued uplifting prayer. And as we progress we will work to update the blog 1x-2x per week as things develop.

Don't forget this is cancer awareness month, we are not alone. There are thousands upon thousands of people suffering from this disease all over this country. Maybe this month we can turn our thoughts towards the sufferers and their families as the holidays approach. Just a thought.

We love you all,

The Orlando's

Natalie Orlando

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