Today we had a wonderful surprise from John L. Coble Elementary School's 6th grade class in Georgia. They each sent letters with little written prayers written directly to Natalie. It was sweet gesture to see each card, with a picture of a pair of praying hands, accompanied by their personal note. We've decided to include some of their words in our blog entry below. Even though we could not list every prayer, we thank you boys and girls for your love and prayers. Here are some examples:
"Dear Natalie I do not know who you are but I have heard a lot about you. I hope you get better. Dear Lord help she's about 6-months, help her. - Amen"

"Natalie, God is still with you. Parents, God is with her He has a plan. - Simon"

"Natalie, I want you to know about God. God is able to heal you. I know how bad you feel. We pray for you. - Love Cameron'
'P.S. Here is what you need to do. Pray, Read the Bible and love Him."

"Dear Natalie I am praying for you. - Love Olivia"

"Dear Natalie, you're small but God is Big I'm praying for you - Peyton''
P.S. I have been to Tahoe a lot!"

"Dear Natalie, my name is the same. I hope you get better. God loves you and we do to. - Love Natalie"

We would like to thank the John L. Coble Elementary school sixth grade class for your kind words. You have encouraged us and brought a beam of sunshine into our lives today.

We pray that God blesses you for your kind thoughts and words. - The Orlando's

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