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In chemotherapy when the drugs are given there is an absolute low point called the Nadir. This low point represents when most of the individual components of the blood are low. Natalie for the next 2 weeks is at that low point because of a heavy drug called Cytarabein. If you remember this is the drug that Dana and I have had to administer through her central line (a chest tube used to deliver non oral meds and for drawing blood labs) for the last few weeks. Being at this low point we need to be especially careful around germs, fungi and bacteria. This is the point of chemotherapy. Since there is no one drug that will only kill Leukemia cells in her blood we have to use drugs that will kill most all of the cells, then let them regenerate and do it again.

Though this is a common procedure for cancer patients, Dana and I are a bit nervous because cold and flu season is now here. Natalie is still sleeping a lot. Just yesterday she took a 5+ hr nap. Every Monday we have outpatient hospital appointments at Stanford. This week and last we've had to make an additional special trip to get transfused (get blood) because here levels (AKA: Counts) have been so low.

I would like to encourage everyone to consider giving blood. I always thought it was for emergency surgeries but it's not. In our case it is a part of our normal everyday life. Since this is cancer awareness month consider helping someone in need. The Red Cross is a great organization to find an area near you visit

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