I am in a constant state of amazement how prayers are keeping Natalie from sickness. Here we are in the middle of winter and God has allowed sickness to be kept at bay. Natalie is such a strong little girl with an incredibly strong will. It's almost funny how being held down for medicine is often harder for her than any treatment or the medicine itself. She wants to do what she wants to do, when she wants to do it. I think to myself that is both a blessing and a curse. A curse that I will have to work with her to help her understand that her way is not always the right way. Conversely, however, this is what gives her the fight not to give up and to keep going. I am always happy to see her uppity spirit because I know that may keep my worst fears at bay.

As Thanksgiving passed this year both Dana and I have much to feel thankful for. Beyond the obvious, we have so many supporting family and friends. I am still amazed how many people are continually rooting for us and looking out for our best interests. I knew early-on that fighting Leukemia would be a long term battle (I didn't think quite as long as 2.5 years) but we are thankful for all the love and support that everyone has and is still lending to us.

This Thanksgiving we had a wonderful time at my Grandmother's house. She had some friends over and we all went around the table sharing what we were thankful for. It was such a sense of joy to hear people sharing things from the bottom of their hearts. During our share time 4 people teared up thanking God for his goodness. This year I will always remember how important family and friends have become.

To all of you outside our area. Thanks for being faithful to check back with us. Please know that your prayers have rescued us too many times to count. To that we are eternally Thankful. happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Natalie Orlando

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