This is a special week for prayer for Natalie. Primarily because she is close to day 57 of her treatment. Day 57 is a substantial milestone in her treatment. If you remember back to day 29 when Natalie failed her MRD scan and was placed into the high risk category. Remember how God used it for good. You can read all about it by clicking the link below (Posting: October 8th)

Disappointed but Trusting in the LORD's Goodness

Taking place this Friday December 14th -- Day 57 chemo is exactly the same as Day 29 which contaings another (week long wait) MRD scan. I am asking everyone to pray that there is not one Leukemia cell present in her little body. She will have a bone marrow coring in her hip, and a special spinal injection to deliver a chemo to keep any disease from growing in her spine and brain.

I would also ask that you allow us to have peace that God is in control and everything will be alright -- in His hands.

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