Last night was an emotional roller coaster. After laying the girls down for the night we soon discovered that Natalie was beginning to get a little warm. Within a small handful of hours we were only a degree away from having to go to the emergency room. A fever is a serious condition for anyone with Leukemia. They are a potential sign of something bigger - and they only seem to show up at night! I tell you there is no feeling like living a full day only to have to stay up the whole night dreading traveling to the "germ infested" emergency room. About 3am my dad got up to go to the restroom and I asked him to pray for Natalie. Wouldn't you believe (I am not exaggerating) that within 10 minutes any sign of a fever was gone!

I think sometimes my faith is so small. It is so easy to think about yourself in times of stress and trouble. But God was after something else. Perhaps He wanted my dad to know that his voice is heard. I don't know either way, but I am thankful that God wanted to use him in that way.

Even upon writing this, my feelings of stress are surfacing. It is in my experience that once Natalie gets a mild fever, it will come back for a few days following. Wouldn't you believe it that even after experiencing last night that I am beginning to get afraid of another crazy night again. I feel so stripped of myself when I am brought this low. I would ask for your prayers that we would be able to shoulder this load.

I was telling a good friend of mine today that this battle seems to be so much more spiritual that I would have expected. Sometimes, Dana or I don't have anything left to give and only to find out we still have a mountain climb. In a vacuum, fighting cancer seems pretty straight forward but it takes you to your limits, and beyond. Life ever-rushing demand can be brutally relentless. Your prayers are our sustaining bond. Both Dana and I are thankful for your intercessions. MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL...

Natalie Orlando

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