We are sill in the midst of waiting for the results from her (3 week ago) MRD scan. If they come back favorable, we will know we are on the right path for treatment. I have to say that I am quite impressed with Stanford Children's Hospital. Though there are a lot of scheduling coordination, I have never felt more part of a medical cause like this one. Since it's so well known, all of the good hearted people nearby seem to flock. World class musicians and vocalists, firemen, sports icons and the like are always seen connecting with kids. It almost feels like we belong to an elite club or special group. During the holiday season or Halloween you can't get out the doors without someone passing some good cheer with a gift or special holiday memento. And wouldn't you know it the Dr.'s are pretty good too (good enough to carry a world renown title).

Thanks for everyone who reads this who's helped us. We are truly better people because of you! :)
test vide #1 from dominick on Vimeo.


So precious:)

oh, I just love those girls:)

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