Last night some of the Twin Lakes Church college students sent sweet "get well soon" cards to our House. Natalie (A.K.A. Nat, Natalia, Natty, Nattles and Little Goose) had a great time rolling around in all her beautiful cards - soaking them up. She wanted to read them over and over, she might of even taken a few to sleep with her. Thanks for your encouraging words and prayers and most of all your hearts. May God bless you for your kindness!


I love her voice:)

So happy to see the video! Natalie looks great - and sounds great too.

Hi Orlandos! It's Sarah Marsh from the TLC college group. We just got your letter and immediately went to this website to see the video. We love it! Natalie is so precious and I love hearing her voice. If it's ok, we would like to show the video tonight to the whole college group. You guys will be famous! =)

You are your whole family will continue to be in our prayers.

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