This is Nicole's "Your not going to give me what I want?" face. I confess, it works pretty much every time!

Well we recently we were informed that there have been some ladies who have been making blankets in Natalie's name. They have initially made 11 blankets and plan on donating them in Natalie's name at Stanford's Children's Hospital. We are continually amazed how people are joining arms (in this case fabric) to support us in our fight.

Please continue to pray for us as we are in the middle of heavy chemo drugs. Natalie recently had to head to the ER because of a bout of diarrhea (causing dehydration). She spends most of her days crying and whining because she is so uncomfortable. We have to just hold on till Thursday (maybe a few days after) till we can stop administering this horrible drug Dexamethasone.

Working to make the best of our hospital visit we pretended we were heading out on a picnic. Complete with Sandwiches, oranges and pickles we had a wonderful lunch and a great little nap (all in the comfort of an isolated contaminant free room at our local hospital. When we look ahead to how far we have come we are in awe. It is a daily prayer fight and our support staff is truly amazing. If you are reading this you are part of the fight too. Thank you so much for your prayers. They truly mean the world to us.

The Orlando's

My Mom Wrote this morning:
Yesterday was the most challenging day, since Natalie has been home. The steroids she is taking every day this week are causing her blood sugar to rise. She is constantly upset and restlessness. Wednesday she will be given another medication that will intensify her frustration even more (so please pray for that). We've all felt your prayer cover from moment to moment; God's indescribable peace lifted our spirits.

At one point in the day Natalie's annoyance was dramatically, exhausting. I just cried out loud "Jesus give us some peace" and Natalie just laughed right out loud, then snuggled into my arms and drifted off to sleep. In my helplessness, I had called out and God showed up. Thankfully I'm on familiar terms with God showing up… at that point I knew He would get us through this. I can't say it enough. God is good!


Today went well. No surprises. It is always hard when we start a new treatment phase. Learning all of the meds and all the pecularities that sometimes follow the adiministration. Natalie is on a few new drugs this round and some older ones have come back. The most notorious return is Dexamethasone (steroids). This is the drug that will cause the remainder of her hair to fall out amoung other things like intense hunger and irritability.

Last time she took the steroid she had a few issues. One, her Blood sugar shot through the roof. There was one time that the machine didn't even register it was so high. That was scary. Though it is better to be higher than lower, it was concerning when we had to give insuline injections every few hours. The second was her intense irritability and hunger. If we fed her constantly she would have been in a tough predicament. So we ended up feeding her 2-3 cheerios every 3-5 seconds. We have a week on with this drug and a week off before we jump back on for the last remaining week, so we are hoping that things don't get too out of control (which might put us in the hospital).

Both Dana and I have been so thankful for all of your prayers. I know this is a cancer battle but I really believe that a large portion of this fight is spiritual. I see it as all of us going to battle together. We are fighting to win this battle physically yes but Spiritually too. This Spiritual battle is raging all the time and we have truly seen the fruits of all of your prayers. Incidences have happened too numerous where Natalie began getting sick and it just went away. All to say Glory to our good God. And bless all of you for your faithfulness, our debt to you is great and our appreciation is even greater. Love you all - The Orlando's

P.S. The next two months things will slow down considerably for us. Most of Nat's treatments will be home and Stanford trips will be held to a minimum. Please, please, please pray as we may be making some significant judgment calls to the med schedule (due to her last seizure). We think Natalie's body my be reaching a very low point with all the unrelenting treatments. It's in sight - 2 months will be here before we know it... (that will be a glorious day!)

Natalie Orlando

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