Since Natalie's birthday 4th birthday is soon approaching I was digging through some old-ish photos. I fuound this one of Nicole 365 days ago (6 months old). Now Nicole is 1.5able to say three word sentences, climb stairs, jump off the couch, walk around in mom's shoes and throw a fit (she's not too old to stand in the corner though!).

I am amazed and reminded how fast they grow up. I keep telling myself to savor every moment. because a moment can turn into a week, and a week can slip into a month, and so on...

Anyway happy birthday little sweet Natalie. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and love you more that we can share!

Well it's official! Natalie took her first steps all by herself this evening. There were rumors (from the grandparents sector a week ago) but you never know about those people. They're always looking for the edge. Heck, according to my mom Natalie and Nicole are multidisciplinary genius' in 10 industries and counting :).

Natalie took FIVE LARGE STEPS directly toward her mom(Dana) tonight. I'll leave out the part that she was totally buck didn't hear it from me! Well I guess there's nothing left for her to accomplish but to get a job. It's a heck of a time to enter the job market strong into the recession, only 3 years old... But, I guess everyone has to start somewhere.

Missing ya'll -- Dominick

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