It seems like we've been waiting forever to hear the results of this second MRD test (like the one we did on day 30 of chemo which gives a count of any remaining Leukemic cells). Come to find out, this test is only done for research purposes behind the scenes and it is not a test intended to be shared with the family. So, that is why we will not hear back from the lab conducting the test this time.

I think we heard the results of first MRD b/c one of the doctors on Natalie's team was also part of the research team (?). Anyhow, long story short... we will not hear the results of the MRD, BUT our oncologist did tell us that when she looked over the sample of cells herself through her instrumentation, that it looked completely clear of any Leukemic cells to her naked eye! So, we are on the right path! Thanks for waiting and praying with us. We are trusting that the chemo is doing exactly what it is suppose to.

Natalie Orlando

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