Hi Everyone,
This is Dana. I've been wanting to write an entry since Natalie's birthday..... well, you know how that goes! But at least it is still January! Natalie's THIRD BIRTHDAY was on Jan 2nd and boy, did we CELEBRATE! We put together a Music Together music class with several of Natalie's little friends at a local Music Together classroom. If you know how much Natalie loves music, you can just imagine how much fun she had.

She had such a blast being around other little kids (something that doesn't happen much lately!). And God really answered prayer... Natalie's counts were excellent that day and her spirits were high. I think a total of 8 kids were there. Thanks to Elizabeth for conducting a great, interactive class for us all and kudos to the parents for doing an amazing job participating too!

I didn't anticipate what an emotional day that would be for me. Not emotional in a gloomy way, but in a grateful, overflowing with appreciation kind of way. As I looked back over Natalie's short 3 years on earth, I was overwhelmed with the many trials and triumphs... the mountains and the valleys that we have traveled as a family.

Anyhow, I've attached some pictures for you. Hope you enjoy!


Natalie Orlando

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