My Mom Wrote this morning:
Yesterday was the most challenging day, since Natalie has been home. The steroids she is taking every day this week are causing her blood sugar to rise. She is constantly upset and restlessness. Wednesday she will be given another medication that will intensify her frustration even more (so please pray for that). We've all felt your prayer cover from moment to moment; God's indescribable peace lifted our spirits.

At one point in the day Natalie's annoyance was dramatically, exhausting. I just cried out loud "Jesus give us some peace" and Natalie just laughed right out loud, then snuggled into my arms and drifted off to sleep. In my helplessness, I had called out and God showed up. Thankfully I'm on familiar terms with God showing up… at that point I knew He would get us through this. I can't say it enough. God is good!


Natalie Orlando

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