This is Nicole's "Your not going to give me what I want?" face. I confess, it works pretty much every time!

Well we recently we were informed that there have been some ladies who have been making blankets in Natalie's name. They have initially made 11 blankets and plan on donating them in Natalie's name at Stanford's Children's Hospital. We are continually amazed how people are joining arms (in this case fabric) to support us in our fight.

Please continue to pray for us as we are in the middle of heavy chemo drugs. Natalie recently had to head to the ER because of a bout of diarrhea (causing dehydration). She spends most of her days crying and whining because she is so uncomfortable. We have to just hold on till Thursday (maybe a few days after) till we can stop administering this horrible drug Dexamethasone.

Working to make the best of our hospital visit we pretended we were heading out on a picnic. Complete with Sandwiches, oranges and pickles we had a wonderful lunch and a great little nap (all in the comfort of an isolated contaminant free room at our local hospital. When we look ahead to how far we have come we are in awe. It is a daily prayer fight and our support staff is truly amazing. If you are reading this you are part of the fight too. Thank you so much for your prayers. They truly mean the world to us.

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