There really hasn't been any news for Natalie for a while and we have really been enjoying just being (more of) a normal family again. Since we are in the last phase "Maintenance" of her treatment (2 years long of less intense and spread out chemo) we are down to 1x per month Stanford visits.

I am witting because a few days ago the Doctors saw that Natalie's blood platelets were falling for no apparent reason. Doctors are a bit concerned. SO, PLEASE BE PRAYING THIS WEEK! We are going to have another blood test to see if the blood platelets (clogging part of the blood) count is rising falling or holding.

We want the count to rise but if the test doesn't reveal them risen 5x what they are currently, the Doctors are going to give Natalie a spinal tap later in the week. This test will verify if it's just a scare or if the cancer has returned. If the cancer has returned we'll need to start Natalie's treatment over from the beginning. Then there will be discussions of a bone marrow transplant (this is 50x more brutal than anything we went though already). I don't think my heart can handle bear that weight again.

However we are trying not to panic and keep calm. There are a lot of factors in our favor: First, Natalie's looked like she's had a cold (and her sister has one). This has the potential of knocking down her platelets. Second, they stopped all oral chemo and her platelets still fell...But one of the other Non-chemo meds Natalie's taking may (in some cases) lower platelets. This being the case we have stopped that med too. And for good measure, she looks so healthy and vibrant. None of her internal organs are swollen and all her other counts (hemoglobin, ANC immune system, red blood cells, etc) are at good levels.

So, we should just keep a cool head and see how things turn out:

  • Pray for 5x the platelets
  • That the doctors would feel confident about their decision
  • All of us would have peace

Initially, I have a good feeling that she is doing fine, but it's just another one of those scary things! I really think this is God showing us that He's in control no matter what the outcome. We had a "word" this week that when it's impossible for mankind to work, He works. God has been so good to us and we can't forget that. He is faithful no matter what good or bad comes our way.

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts.

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