Dana and I wanted four our family and friends to be the first to know that we are officially now HOMEOWNERS!

After an exhausting battle we can now consider ourselves officially strapped for the next 30 years. But it's a welcome addition to the family. I have to thank so many people, from Tax people, to Business partners to most of all our Realtor Genie Lawless has faught tooth & nail for every square centimeter, she has been the best agent anyone could ask for. Not to mention really sharing the burden with us from a Godly perspective. There is something about going through trials with other like-minded believers. All of us really knew if we were going to get this place it would only be by the grace of God, who deserves the ultimate thanks!

I wrote earlier:
"We have been praying for this house and if the loan funds, it will only be by the grace of God. So, we feel if it's God's will it will only be by Him. Just a few bumpy road highlights have been:
Kidney surgery (key player - out for a month), Signatures from 5 county "Government" officials hours before leaving for vacation, 30 days of physical therapy from a sciatic back injury (loan officer), 3 "nail biting" law firm contract reviews, nearly lost the loan for $125 appraisal mistake, 2 company closures, 8 extensions, 450 faxed sheets, countless PDFing and a dead cell phone (that got upgraded)

....and a partridge in a pear tree! :)

Now the tough part begins - the remodel. All I have to say is BRING IT!

Thanks for all your prayers!

--Dominick & Dana Orlando

Natalie Orlando

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