Hey all!

The latest on Natalie is that we are praying that her IV lasts the till Tuesday. This is highly unlikely but since Surgery is moving departments when they are available it doesn't' make much sense to put in something better than and IV if it's only going to be in for a few days.

If we can get the IV's to last till Tue (and we are able to have consecutive Negative blood cultures) we can put in her new port. She has to get poked every morning to draw labs, cultures and misc other tests. This is not fun and her arm is rather black and blue. She's tough though and we are enjoying our time together. Lots of Elmo, video games, hard boiled eggs and coloring.

Specific Requests:

  • IV doesn't dry up, make it till Tuesday
  • New port goes in on time
  • Multiple negative cultures in a row
  • Her little right ankle does not become sore because it's in a cast-like brace (keeping her foot pointed) in effort to keep IV flowing smoothly

  • Her counts are up and her immune system is full steam ahead at 2,000+
  • Natalie is in great spirits (too good to be true)
  • No fevers have surfaced for a long time
Thanks for fighting with us. I have had at least 10 good talks with people about God during our stay. It's been so Good. He's using this situation in mighty ways.


Natalie Orlando

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