You will appreciate this. Natalie’s teacher was teaching the concept of "INSIDE." Last session Anne (our amazing home school teacher) has Natalie put bug stickers "inside" the boarder of a picture of a leaf. With stickers ranging from 1-6 then she had Natalie point to a sticker with a number on it and reached "inside" a container full of tongue depressors. Natalie counts them out then put them back "inside" the container. I have really enjoyed seeing Natalie's mind reaching for these concepts. She's really getting all the creative ideas Anne brings each week.

She is already recognizing all her letters now. Anne thinks she's going to be a good reader, which is so important, especially nowa days! Natalie loves learning and we love watching her. We have no hesitation that she going to be ready for school (away from home) when that phase of our plan rolls around. Since Natalie's birthday is January, she'll not start kindergarten this September, but out plan is to begin attending away from home school in the Fall. Then transition to using the school bus! (pray for that!). .

The big news is Natalie has officially begun walking (more than scooting). It's been a few weeks now and all the success can be attributed to our amazing Physical Therapist Diane Attsat. When insurance failed to pay, she stepped up and is offering her services virtually for free. Dominick and Dana are trading her for odd jobs to cover the PT service service but, the quality of work she's accomplished, (we all agree) Natalie is getting the best end of the bargain.

Dom (Sr.) had an old tricycle put away, that use to be Dominick's when he was a little boy. He refurbished it and we're planning on introduce Natalie at her next Physical Therapy session. Last therepy session we went to the park to help her to climb. Natalie is going to be a great climber becase she has such great upper body strength (when she wants to use it). We just have to show her the advantages of being mobile, and she's getting it!!!! Tha's all for now!

Natalie Orlando

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