Recently we've seen Natalie explore the emotion of sadness. It's odd because we've noticed (after hours of detecting observation) that she goes to distinct areas of our house and pretends to cry. We talked about this a bit and said why does Natalie go to the kitchen and the corner of her room to fake cry? Maybe she is hiding. Maybe she wants us to find her. Or, maybe, she's looking for attention. In fact, what if she's calling out for attention rather than exploring the sad set of emotions?

After much reflection Dana figured it out! It turns out it has nothing to do with attention or hiding, but everything to do with the PLUG OUTLETS. Plug outlets? Yes! When Dana pitched her theory to me I thought she might have fallen off her rocker. Initially I couldn't connect the dots. Scratching my head, I thought to myself, maybe it was an ambient electrical current that triggered this emotional response. But since that was a stupid idea, Dana couldn't have meant that. It hit me when she said go look at the plug.
Click here to see the plugs sad face :(

Natalie Orlando

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