We're continually being reminded in new and fun ways that our kids are growing up. The other day we took a long drive. As usual, the hum of the tires put the girls to sleep.

When Natalie woke up we heard her say the word, "Boat." "Were you dreaming you were on a boat?" we asked. She immediately said, "yes," as she rubbed her eyes. Dana asked, "Were you on the ocean?"Again she said in a sweet voice "yes!" "Were there fish?" "No!" she replied emphatically. We asked "Were there birds?" She smiled, "Yes." Then she pointed up as if to describe more of her dream, "Moooon!" Dana continued "Oh, you were on a boat at night? "Yes" she said. I then added, "Was mom there?" of course... she said "Yes!" Then she babbled a long string of words. Who knows what she was saying, but I like to imagine that she was saying that we were all there, enjoying the moon on the water, content since we were all together. What a fun insight it was into the dreams of our little 4 year old.

We often wish our kids can stay sweet and innocent like this forever. It's in these times we get rare views into who God has created(ing) them to be. More the reason to fight against the currents of our busy schedules, to be present as much as possible, because this time only comes once.

Natalie Orlando

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