I often assume many people know about Natalie's condition and the Orlando's fight. But this isn't always the case. I just ran into someone who didn't even know Natalie was diagnosed with Leukemia.

So far 185 different people have viewed this site.

If you haven't already, spread the word about this site.

Anyone who knows the Orlandos, knows they desire prayer above anything else. Tell you friends, neighbors, churches, and groups.

You can get up to date information and leave messages for the Orlandos.

The more people who know, the more people can help, pray, encourage.



Dana and Dom - Sarah just filled us in on what is going on and we are praying for your family. We pray for God's peace to overcome all of you so that you all might find rest and solace in God. We pray that God's healing would come quick for Natalie. We love you guys.

Robin and Jim Krill (Trout and Guano)

I am grateful for this site too! And definitely trying to spread the word! We are coming here daily and praying for every detail that's involved with you and Natalie. I love you guys.

Hi dana and dom,
just wanted to let you know I'll be thinking and praying for you all! I can only begin to imagine the torture this must be for all of you! I'm so sorry. I just read in my devotion this morning and was encouraged....'life isn't fair but God is always faithful'. Hope this might in some way be an encouragement for you!
love 'n prayers,
brenda epp

I do not know the Orlando's but I'm a praying person who was notified from a friend of theirs. I will be praying and will continue to pass the word along to others as well.

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