Dom called me and told me they got back the results from Natalie's recent bone marrow test.

They are extremelly encouraging. Here is the background. When Natalie was first tested, her leukemia cells in her bone marrow were 50%. Part of the importance of Day 29, is that will be the next test to determine whether Natalie is a rapid responder and placed into a lower risk category or not.

Day 15 was the in between test and the results are... (imagine a drum roll here)

2%! Yes, they are down to 2%. This immediately puts her in the rapid responder category (she had to be below 5%). This is extremely good news and Dominicks voice on the phone sounded so encouraged. He sounded like someone had injected him with new life. Again, thanks be to God!

So after 2 weeks of treatment, things are looking great! But we are not out of the dark yet. We still have to get through Day 29. Hopefully with further treatment we will see the leukemia cells go to ZERO%.

So please continue to pray and thank you for all you have done so far! Thanks to those who have given money so generously. Especially those strangers who have never met the Orlandos, but showed the generosity of Christ. And thank you to all who have prayed, visited, thought, wept with, and loved this humble family. I know I can speak confidently for Dom and Dana that they do not feel alone.

Keep it up! Continue to pray for DAY 29 (Oct 1)


I don't know if I can contain myself!!!!! I am so excited, my heart is doing some serious joy jumps right now! You can count on our continual prayers. We are here fighting this right with you all the way! Praise God!

PRAISE THE LORD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW!!! We are so excited about the results!!!! We continue to pray for healing! God bless you Dom, Dana, Natalie and Nicole!

The Kille's

I'm so thrilled to read some good news on this blog. My heart is PRAISING THE LORD! We know he's good, of course, but it's so awesome to see his goodness in such a clear way. We are still praying. You are loved by us!

This really is fantastic news, Robert. Praise God! Allison and I will keep praying. It's also wonderful that Natalie is now able to eat. What a relief that must be for Dom and Dana.


Dana & Dom:
Your Mom has been wonderful keeping me posted, we have so many people praying for all of you.Hope Natalie rested well last night and wasn't too hungry. Praying her procedure goes well today and you can bring her home. God continue to keep His hand on all of you and continue to heal and make you strong.God Bless Love, Aunt Maureen

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